About us
We have selected an incredible collection of destinations, adventures and tour operators to offer you an excellent range of unforgettable experiences that will make you remember how special our Mexico is and how important is your place in it.
No matter how risky you feel today, we have an ideal adventure for you. Whether you want to spend a quiet time snorkeling with whale sharks, become a certified diver or want to be part of a trip to dive with white sharks, GLUUP will accompany you from the moment you choose the activity, book it and until the end of your adventure with a service 24/7, respecting the same price that tour operators offer you directly.
We take pride in saying we have done the tours and activities we sell, making us experts in everything we offer. We would never recommend something we didn’t want to do again.
We believe in quality and eco-friendly travel; That is why we are aware of only selecting operators with a lot of experience and that they believe that all animals and nature should be cared for and respected.
We want to see Mexico more blue and happier. That is why we are looking for more humans who are involved with the environment and live unforgettable experiences while being educated about the respect of marine flora and fauna.